Cultural Tours Spring 2007 – Istanbul

28 05 2007
  • Atatürk Airport for homebound flights.

Cultural Tours Spring 2007 – Antakya, Adana, Istanbul

27 05 2007
  • Adana Tour: Sabancı Merkez Camii
  • Fly to Istanbul from Adana

Cultural Tours Spring 2007 – Antakya

26 05 2007
  • Antakya Tour:  Antakya Archaeological Museum, Church of St Peter, Harbiye where Apollo fell in love with Daphne, Vakifli Koyu is the last Christian Armenian village in Turkey

Cultural Tours Spring 2007 – Sanliurfa, GAP, Adiyaman, Kahta

24 05 2007
  • Atatürk Dam (GAP), the Southeastern Anatolia Project is the largest and most multifaceted development project in Turkey.
  • Kahta (Arsameia) in Adiyaman:  Karakas Tumulus and Statue, Cendere (Roman) Bridge, Mt.Nemrut known as the Eight Historical Wonders of the World.

Cultural Tours Spring 2007 – Sanliurfa, Harran

23 05 2007
  • Sanliurfa (ancient Edessa) Tour: Golbasi park, Dergah complex, Halil Ibrahim Mosque, the “Balikli Gol”
  • Sipahi bazaar. The bedesten, an ancient caravanserai, in the bazaar is where you will find rugs, kilims and other textiles.
  • Harran, famous for its beehive houses.
  • 8th century Ulu Camii, the oldest mosque in Anatolia.

Cultural Tours Spring 2007 – Mardin, Sanliurfa

22 05 2007
  • Mardin is a home to three religions, and we will see mosques, and churches side by side, overlooking the Mesopotamian Plain.
  • 11th century Ulu Camii with its unique, heavily carved cylindrical minaret set on a high square base.
  • Kasimiye Medrese, a wonderfully preserved complex built in the 15th century by Ak Koyunlu, Turkmen.
  • Mardin Museum, Zenceriye Medrese, and Forty Martyrs Church (Kirklar Church).
  • Mardin bazaar.
  • Dinner in Sanliurfa

Cultural Tours Spring 2007 – Diyarbakir, Mardin

21 05 2007
  • Tour of the castle and the mosques of Hasankeyf, and Midyat.
  • In Mardin, the Jacobite Monastery of Deryulzafaran.

Cultural Tours Spring 2007 – Istanbul, Diyarbakir

20 05 2007
  • Diyarbakir  Tour: Great Mosque, 11th century Seljuk mosque built by Sultan Melik Shah, Mesudiye Medrese, the House of Cahit Sitki, Ataturk’s Command Headquarters (Gazi Kosku), and Ten Eyed Bridge over the Tigris, Dag Kapi (Mountain Gate), Yeni Kapi (New Gate), Mardin Kapi and Urfa Kapi.


Cultural Tours Spring 2007 – Istanbul

20 05 2007
  • Transfer to airport for homebound flights. Or departure for Southeastern Turkey Tour.