Cultural Tours Spring 2007 – Istanbul

20 05 2007
  • Transfer to airport for homebound flights. Or departure for Southeastern Turkey Tour.

Cultural Tours Spring 2007 – Bursa, Iznik, Istanbul

19 05 2007
  • Iznik, famous with its Lake, Green Mosque, St. Sophia.
  • Iznik Foundation, an organization reviving the tradition of the Turkish tile “Cini”.
  • Dinner in Istanbul.

Cultural Tours Spring 2007 – Bursa

18 05 2007
  • Bursa Tour: Green Mosque and Tomb, and the Great Mosque, Koza Han, the home of the silk trade, and Osman Gazi and Orhan Gazi Tombs, the founders of the Ottoman Empire.
  • Hacivat/ Karagoz play at the Karagoz House.

Cultural Tours Spring 2007 – Canakkale Bursa

17 05 2007
  • Troy Tour
  • Bursa, the first capital of the Ottoman Empire.

Cultural Tours Spring 2007 – Istanbul Edirne Canakkale

16 05 2007
  • Edirne, the second capital city of the Ottoman Empire.
  • Masterpieces of Turkish architecture, the Selimiye, and Sultan II. Bayezid Külliyesi/ Complex Health Museum, which was awarded as the best European Museum in 2004 by the European Union.
  • Arasta Bazaar of Edirne and historical bridges over the Meric River.
  • Canakkale (Gallipoli) Tour: Anzac Cove, 57th Infantry Regiment Cemetery and Memorial, Chunuk Bair, Çanakkale Martyrs Memorial, Lone Pine Cemetery & Memorial.
  • Dinner at the hotel.

Cultural Tours Spring 2007 – Istanbul

15 05 2007
  • Istanbul Archaeological Museum
  • Listen to the “Mevlit” a Turkish versed hymn that praises the Prophet Muhammed at the Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Mosque in Kadirga.
  • In Eminonu, Egyptian Bazaar (Spice Market)
  • Istanbul Modern Museum, Turkey’s first museum dedicated to displaying contemporary art.
  • Dolmabahce Palace.

Cultural Tours Spring 2007 – Istanbul

14 05 2007
  • Topkapi Palace
  • Lunch at Konyali Restaurant, which is located inside the palace overlooking the marvelous Bospohus
  • Suleymaniye Mosque
  • Fener & Balat area, Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, The Ahrida Synagogue, Surp Hiresdagabad Armenian Church
  • Live Turkish classical music called fasil at dinner

Cultural Tours Spring 2007 – Istanbul

13 05 2007
  • Visit to the Turkish Cultural Foundation Istanbul Office
  • Istanbul tour: St. Sophia, Blue Mosque, the Hippodrome and Museum of Turkish & Islamic Arts.
  • Uskudar cross the Bosphorus Bridge, there, see a performance of an artist practicing an ancient Turkish art of “Ebru” (Marbling).

Cultural Tours Spring 2007 – Istanbul

12 05 2007
  • Boat trip on the Bosporus.