Day 12

3 08 2015

From Mevlana to Çatalhöyük

Oh, if all teachers would wander
    and teach the world with the world!
We would not suffer closed minds
    and youthful apathy
For if a teacher cannot wander
    away through the summer
How can, in every fall, she begin
    to enlighten youthful minds?
And if educators
    would not place themselves within the world,
How would our youth learn to maintain
    global and internal balance?
The dervishes who whirl, who leave their
    being to return with balance?
Melaart who trekked to the town
    under the tel?
And exposed the prehistoric life
    of Çatalhöyük.
Did the dervishes not leave home
    to study under Mevlana?
Did they not, by such sacrifice
    gain peace for many?
Did Hodder not leave Britain
    for Konya, friend?
And there he is uncovering
    The grandfather of civilization.
You lack a desire to travel?
Then journey within some books,
And as excavators collect artifacts? Read!
Out of touch? Such an endeavor
    will lead to critical knowledge
It leads to understanding
    knowledge and civility!

-Written to the form of “Oh, if a tree could wander” by Rumi
Leslie Rogers
(The Original Rumi Poem for Reference)
Oh, if a tree could wander
    and move with foot and wings!
It would not suffer the axe blows
    and not the pain of saws!
For would the sun not wander
    away in every night?
How could at every morning
    the world be lighted up?
And if the ocean’s water
    would not Rise to the sky,
How would the plants be quickened
    by streams and gentle Rain?
The drop that left its homeland,
    the sea, and then returned?
It found an oyster waiting,
    and grew into a pearl.
Did Yusaf not leave his father,
    in grief and tears and despair?
Did he not, by such a journey,
    Gain Kingdom and fortune wide?
Did not the Prophet travel
    to far Medina, friend?
And there he found a new Kingdom
    and ruled a hundred lands.
You lack a foot to travel?
    Then journey into yourself!
And like a mine of rubies
    receive the sunbeams? Print!
Out of yourself? Such a journey
    will lead you to yourself,
It leads to transformation
    of dust into pure gold!



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