Teacher Study Tours 2008 – Group 1 Istanbul

9 07 2008
  • Atatürk Airport for homebound flights.



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13 10 2008
John Trampush (04:02:47) :

My study tour of Turkey was a fascinating and eye opening experience. Before this trip, Turkey flew very low on my radar. I knew the basics of the country but never understood the rich dynamics of this modern state. What struck me most powerfully after having the opportunity to spend some time traveling and learning first hand about Turkey was the remarkable parallels with the United States. Both countries have to deal with the challenges and tensions of maintaining a secular republic with diverse populations and divergent ethnic groups. In comparing how both of these countries have in the past, and in the future will continue to respond to these challenges, I believe much can be gained. I plan to work with others to do just this thing. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to learn!

13 10 2008
Stephanie Cox (04:03:17) :

The Turkish Teacher Study Tour was an amazing experience for me. This was my first trip outside of the United States and it was the one of the most positive travel experiences I have had. The country of Turkey is rich in history, architecture, and culture. It is truly East meets West; with both European and Asian influences seen everywhere one looks. The food was fantastic and the people wonderful to talk to. I was surprised at the ease in which I could communicate with locals and learn about Turkey’s history at each site due to the extensive use of the English language. I find myself making a conscious effort to stay up to date on the politics and current events in Turkey and am greatly looking forward to teaching about the country of Turkey in our geography classes this school year. Thank you to the Turkish Cultural Foundation for providing this unique opportunity to study Turkey!

13 10 2008
Cetaura Bell-Rogers (04:03:42) :

This Turkish cultural experience has by far exceeded all of my expectations of what a journey/lesson should be. The informative content, along with the food, sights, and people/culture has made this an experience that will never be forgotten.
Because of this experience, I will be able to teach my students a rich history as seen through my own eyes. If any more cultural experiences are to follow, they will all be compared to “my Turkish experience”.

13 10 2008
Kathleen A. Allan (04:04:57) :

I dreamed a dream of Istanbul. The grandeur of Hagias Sophia, the glorious church of the Byzantines. The Blue Mosque with row after row of blue tiles. The sidewalk cafes and rooftops overlooking the Bosporus. Two fingers stretching out to touch each other – Asia and Europe. That was my dream. To see Istanbul where East meets West. But now I see my dream was shallow and naive, because there is so much more in Turkey, the birthplace of history.
To stand at the stadium in Aphrodisias, high above the stadium floor and imagine the crowds cheering and the entertainment so desired by the spectators, and yes, even the blood spilled by the gladiators. To imagine the busy agora with people walking along the paths. What an amazing surprise. To walk into the darkness of the caravanserai and imagine animals snorting, travelers trading their goods from two continents and story tellers entertaining the crowd while travelers rested in safety. To go to the underground cities in the maze of tunnels where people fled to safety. To listen to Orhanour guide as he told the history of people going all the way back in time many thousands of years and making his way to present times. Such a rich history all found in one place – Turkey. To meet hard working craftsmen, darling and friendly children, everyone so open and honest. To stand in Çatalhöyük and see how people lived in one of the first cities on Earth.
So much to see and learn, I will surely have to return!

13 10 2008
Kerry Parker (04:05:32) :

I love the people of Turkey! Their sense of humor, friendliness, their love of color and their dynamism. As a history lover, I know Turkey has a wealth of archeological sites from all periods, but seeing the works and specifically the works in progress, I was overwhelmed. I could see for the first time that everyday life on top of the ruins would be amazing!
I really enjoyed the lecture and interaction of ASAM. I would like to check on-line for more information. I am hoping to contact TCF for contacts in the next school year to connect my students with students in Turkey to discuss Turkey’s candidacy in the European Union, school life, and opinion sharing on pop culture. I need to iron out the details and then contact TCF for contacts.

13 10 2008
Marilyn Taylor (04:07:38) :

This has been the most enriching experience of my professional life. The depth of knowledge gained is beyond comparison to any similar opportunity. Through this experience, I have gained a deeper understanding of Turkish history prior to and after the founding of the Republic; geography, both human and physical; and current issues. Also, participants were also given privy to local tradition and color that is often ignored in a study tour such as this. I look forward to sharing this experience and the knowledge attained to teachers, students and other groups upon my return home.

13 10 2008
Nicole Vickerman (04:08:07) :

The trip to Turkey was one of the best personal and professional experiences I have ever had. It was obvious that great thought had gone into making the most of every minute, and this allowed us to see a great deal of the cultural and physical beauty of this diverse country. Our wonderful guide, Orhan, made the most of our time in the bus by providing extensive discussions of everything from the history to the shopping. On past travel study tours I have attended, we often spent several days in lecture settings. This provided us with a great deal of information, but we lost time actually seeing more of the place we were there to explore. I was dazzled by Turkey’s amazing architecture, beautiful water and welcoming people, and I cannot wait to share my experiences with my students and fellow teachers.
Thank you so very much for this wonderful opportunity.

13 10 2008
Leah Beard (04:08:31) :

Visiting Turkey was my first “Grand Adventure” outside of America, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I enjoyed learning about the history of the various sites while actually being there; it trully does make a difference when you see it with your own eyes rather than reading about it and seeing pictures in a book. The Turkish people are extraordinarily friendly and accommodating. I admire their sense of community and willingness to assist one another and strangers. This trip opened my eyes to a world of possibilities. I am grateful to have been selected to benefit from this opportunity.

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